We're excited to have our first OER Exchange prototypes ready for review on v2.5 sandboxes. The basic functionality for this service is still very much in development, but we've made the decision to offer our microsite leads access to the prototypes as we continue to develop and roll out each new piece. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you as you become acquainted with what the OER Exchange can do and how it will impact your programming.

Today, as a microsite admin, you can select collections from your site admin to share with the OER Exchange. As soon as you make a collection a "Shared" collection, any microsite will be able to discover you collection on the OER Exchange service. 

Verify that the OER Exchange Feature Flag has been enabled

  1. Navigate to Site Admin -> Flags
  2.  Verify that you see a Flag called "oer_exchange" in your list of available flags
  3. If this flag does not exist, you can enable it by clicking the grey "Add Flag+" button in the top right hand corner of the /admin/flags/flag/ page 
  4. Type oer_exchange in the Feature Flag Name field
  5. Ensure that this flag is enabled for Super Users and/or Staff (For information about how to manage Flag permissions, see the Manage Beta Feature Flags article)
  6. Click "Save" 

Share a Collection to the OER Exchange

  1. Navigate to Site Admin -> Curated Collections
  2. Check the checkbox in the column titled "IS SHARED" next to each collection you would like to make discoverable on the OER Exchange 

Review Your Shared Collections on the OER Exchange

  1. Navigate to your microsite homepage, making sure you are signed in as a Super User
  2. Click "OER Exchange" in the global navigation
  3. Click "My Library" link in the left hand side bar of the OER Exchange homepage
  4. Click "Shared" tab button on the My Library page
  5. You should see a list of your collections that have been shared